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Sociology 105-Intercultural Cultural Communications

Sociology 110-Minority/Intergroup RelationsAssignment: Religious Institution Write-upLength of Assignment: NOT TO EXCEED 4 TYPE-WRITTEN PAGESDue Date: To Be Announced In ClassTotal Points to Earn: 0-50 PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO THE IMPACT OF COVID-19, THIS ASSIGNMENT WILL BE COMPLETED BY VIEWING A RELIGIOUS SERVICE ON TELEVISION OR A CABLE BROADCASTYou may complete this assignment by attending a religious service in person OR, by viewing a service on television or a cable broadcast. The following information must be included at the beginning of this assignment. SELECT A RELIGIOUS SERVICE TO VIEW THAT YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH.Visitation to a Religious InstitutionDate of VisitationName of the Religious InstitutionDenominationAddressName of the Religious LeaderLength of the ServiceViewing of a Religious Service :Date of ViewingName of the Religious InstitutionDenominationName of the Religious Leader Television Channel or Name of the Cable Broadcast StationLength of the ServicePoints To Include in Your Assignment1. Describe the service you attended or viewed2. What were the values that were expressed during the service Explain in detail by providing specific examples3. Briefly share how the service you attended was different from your own faith tradition4. Discuss the use of symbols, language, gender roles and music that you observed during the service5. Describe the “physical plant” of the religious institution. What did it look like? Did you identify any outstanding features?6. Describe the diversity of the congregation7. Comment on your experience. Did you learn anything new or identify any conflicts with your religious teachings?Short EssayIdentify and explain ways that learning about other religions can improve intercultural communication in our interactions with individuals from different cultures.