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For this first writing assignment, I am reading for two things:

1. Correct MLA formatting.

2. Relevant content to get us thinking about how we argue. 

First, to help with correct MLA formatting of this document, please see the example student essay that is attached after this assignment, within this module. (Use that “Next” button on the bottom of this page to view that document.) Apply all relevant MLA formatting expectations to present your ideas. 

Second, address the following–in paragraph form, not Q & A format–in a 2-page document. Upload the completed document by the noted due date. 

a. Tell me about your most recent argument. Explain the details of that argument. Here, we’re using a loose definition of “argument” to mean “discussion.” Thus, my most recent argument happened just today, when I called HEB and asked for a refund on a product that became moldy before its “sell by” date had even passed. See that? 

Your most recent argument might have been with your child who didn’t want to go to sleep on time? Or who didn’t want to take a bath? Or perhaps it was with your parent who insists you major in nursing when you really want to major in education? 

Does that help in thinking about potential topics? 

b. Next, tell me whether you think you “won” the argument, and why you have drawn your conclusion.

c. Finally, tell me how you would approach the argument differently, if you have a second chance at this discussion.

When writing, remember to organize your main ideas into distinct paragraphs, so that each paragraph discusses a main point that you want to make. At the minimum, because there are three topics that I am asking for, your response should be at least three paragraphs long, see? Of course, you might have more paragraphs to discuss your main points; the organization is up to you, as long as you are controlling the structure of your paragraph development.

Also, remember your audience when developing your topic. While I will be the only individual reading your submission, consider appropriateness of your topic selection before developing your response.