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For the paper you will look at a social problem that is global and that we are not covering in this course. One idea is you can look through the text to those chapters we are not using and pick a major issue.  Then, you must do scholarly research to delve into the evidence that exists on this matter. Finally, I want to know what you conclude on this topic after having done the research. This paper will be 6-8 pages long. You are allowed and, indeed, encouraged to use the internet for your research, but you must also have at least four scholarly sources for your paper and that does NOT include the text. This is a research paper and you must do research; you can’t rely solely on chapters from the textbook for your research. As well, do not simply hand in an annotated bibliography where you simply summarize one source after another. You must digest the information you acquire, make sense of it, and then present it to the reader.

Paper Rules: {to be broken at your peril}. Have numbered pages (the cover page is not numbered.) Use standard 1” margins and a 12-point font. No handwritten papers. There must be a formal bibliography and all use of sources must be properly documented. You have taken English 120 so you supposedly know all this stuff. Since the quality of your writing will have a significant impact on your grade, go to the Learning Resources Center, or whatever the hell it’s now called, for help with your paper before you hand it in. If your writing is very weak, go to the Center before you even start writing the paper. The paper is due on April 12. Lateness is a capital crime and will be punished severely. Any paper that is not in my hands when I leave on April 28 will automatically be given a grade of zero.
Introduction, Effects on World (Economy, Victims, Etc.) and implement anything else you think would help. I am failing this class, please help as much as you can. PLEASE USE 4 SCHOLARLY ARTICLES. USE MORE IF NEEDED