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Reading and Writing Literacy

This section should have at least 500 words and be cited in MLA or APA style. Write an essay with at least 5 paragraphs (introduction, 3 supporting, and a conclusion), that explains the impact of spring break on the potential spread of COVID 19. Discuss risk factors such as large gatherings, public transportation, restaurants, and etc., that will contribute to a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in America during and after the Spring Break Season.

Your paragraphs should consist of at least 5 sentences each (introduction, 3 supporting, and a conclusion).

While some of the essay may express your opinions, those opinions must be supported by scientific/medical evidence via publication from referred scientific/medical journal articles.

You must have at least 4 references (3 must be from scientific/medical journals).

There should be no quotations. Your references should be sited as scientific/medical journal articles (an example is provided). There should also be citations within the text where the information is used. Your essay should be typed in a 12 point font with double spacing. A cover sheet can be used for your title, name, date, and class section.

Citation Example: Mangrum, D and Niekamp P., 2022. JUE Insight: College student travel contributed to local COVID-19 spread. Journal Urban Economics. Jan;127, 103311. Doi: 10.1016/j.jue.2020.103311.Epub 2020 Dec 4

Reading and Writing Literacy

Paragraph 1: Introduction- 8 points; Paragraph 2: 8 points; Paragraph 3: 8 points; Paragraph 4: 8 points; Paragraph 5: Conclusion- 8 points

40 Points Total

Information Literacy

Citations: Your references should come from PUBMED only ( 10 points;

Within Text: 11 points