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Read Case Study 1: The Olivares Family.

Watch this video: “Addiction 101 / Raj Mehta”
Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following:
1. Summarize the key problems in the Olivares family, using one or two examples from the case. Then, provide answers to the questions in the case study from an addiction assessment and treatment perspective.
2. What did you learn from the video “Addiction 101” that is new or helpful to you in understanding addictions? Identify and discuss at least one area.
3. Apply one idea from the video, Addiction 101 to the case study discussing its possible impact or relevance.
4. Reflect on one or two challenges (ethical and safety) that you personally might have when intervening with the Olivares family. How can addictions theory or another theory help you face these challenges? Discuss the theory you choose and how you will apply it to respond.
Cite examples from the program, course materials, or peer-reviewed literature to support your responses.