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Throughout the semester you will write a total of four short, 2-3 page papers reacting to a particular week of the course between weeks 2 and 15. You are to detail what you think are the main useful concepts or ideas from the week and provide a reflection on how you think they might be useful for understanding the relationship between communication, advocacy, and the environment. You are free to choose what weeks you want to write about but must do at least one reaction

  • 04/21: Should Trees Have Standing? – class notes


Nature – It is what it is

Person: a legal concept as an entity that has rights

Human = homosapien

Person = entity capable of having rights

Human  not necessarily person

Person vs property

Standing = capacity to sue people

Conditions to have standing per constitution

  1. Show injury

  2. Must clearly be traceable to offending party

  3. Must have a favorable court hearing to redress

  4. Must be a person

Elephants are amazing

The Ganges river has personhood

The legal term “rights” is a metaphor

Overton window:  the bounds of what acceptable discourse

paper in the first 8 weeks of the course. You can only write a paper for week 14 OR 15, not both. Papers about a particular week are due on Tuesday of the following week.