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How does Golash-Boza explain racial inequality in the education system in the United States? Your analysis and writing must engage and apply key concepts, a historical perspective informed by the legislation/policies and social science data presented in Race and Racisms A Critical Approach, third edition; Golash-Boza, Chapters 8, Educational Inequality.
Prepare for this assignment by reading and noting the presentation of themes in Chapter 8 (listed on page 229) including the history of educational inequality, segregation and landmark court cases, and, the persistence of segregation and inequality in the educational system. Summarize the historical developments, including the court cases, in your own words and use these summaries in your written analysis.
500 words. Use APA style to cite sources and format your text.
Please use my ebook login for the chapter of the book to read. Race and Racism, A Critical Approach; third edition,.. Golash-Boza