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Then read and answer four questions about all of your group mates’ papers by Wednesday, April 13th by 11:59 PM. Please read the feedback chapter by Louise Dunlap before you answer the questions)

  1. What are the words and phrases that stood out?
  2. What is the main message? (not topic but message…should write “the main message is X, Y, and Z”
  3. What did you wonder about the writing?
  4. What is a metaphor for the writing?

The feedback you get should help you with your thinking about your paper and inspire you to revise your paper. Please read and think about what your group mates have provided and use it to help you move your paper forward

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He’s going to click on the course name black social movement on left column Weekly sections week 12 and the link below you find the document to read.let me know and Screenshot’s  a documents not a book. Please send me a screenshot.