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1)The probability that a machine does not produce a defective object during a particular shift is 0.85. What is the complement of the event that a machine does not produce a defective item during that particular shift and what is the probability of that complementary event?

By doing research on the topic, identify 1-2 leading statisticians who had contributions with respect to the concepts described in this module.
1bSuppose to throw a dice, then calculate the probability that the number 5 appears on the face of the dice. What major statistical concepts are related with this experiment?
2a. The distribution of students per household receiving financial aid in a large region is as follows: 50% of the student financial support households have 1 student, 40% of the financial support households have 2 students, and 10% of the financial support households have 3 students. What is the mean number of students per financial support household in this region?
2b. Now list 2-3 government policies that can help student gain access to financial aid to help in achieving their educational goals.
3)For the experiment consisting of throwing a dice 3 consecutive times, let X represent the combinations  of values that total 13.
1a. List all possible combinations of values that X can take (order of numbers appearing on the face of the dice matters: list for example (6,6,1) AND (1,6,6,).
1b. Why does the experiment you just completed matter in the world of business?