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Mr. Lopez is a 76 year old widower being seen in your outpatiet clinic for a medication refill for his Parkinson’s disease. He is a retired railroad engineer who derives great pleasures from collecting railroad memorabilia and taking walks with his dog around the vicinity of his neighborhood.
Mr. Lopez was diagnosed with moderate (Stage III) Parkinson’s Disease 2 years ago. He does not smoke tobacco nor drink alcohol. His PMH includes a femur fx at age 22, a cholecystectomy at age 47, and a transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) at age 72.
1. Because of the interference of normal muscle tone and control of smooth muscle, patients with Parkinson’s Disease exhibit a classic triad of syndromes. Name them.
2. Lopez asks you to explain “Parkinsonian Crisis”. Describe it in a way he can understand and describe what someone can do about it once it occurs.