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All performance improvement programs should have a measurement component or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure quality. These indicators are known by many names: metrics, measures, checks, or evaluations, but they all serve the same purpose: to evaluate the success or the failure of the performance management initiative. Select your current or previous employer, when addressing the requirements below:
  • Explain the three levels of performance (i.e., system, process, job/performer) and then select a metric that would be suitable to use for each level.
  • Include an example of what the metric is measuring and how it is used to interpret performance at each respective level.
  • Explain what type of performance evaluation system you would use to evaluate a specific job position of your choice. Justify why you believe this is the right system to use.
  • Based upon the selected system, what assessment method would you utilize? Justify why you believe that this is an effective assessment method.
  • Choose a specific industry in Saudi Arabia and explain how your selected system and method are aligned or different from performance management practices in the industry you have chosen.