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Public Relations
The emphasis of the course has been the examination of how traditional concepts in PR are evolving and being informed by new understandings and approaches to PR online.

In this assignment present an argument explaining how an issue facing organisations today is being addressed in online PR (examples of specific subjects include disability, LGBTQ+, racism, environment, education, healthcare). Frame your argument using a PR concept discussed in class (such as dialogue, community, relationships, publics).

Write a critical, comparative analysis of the online public relations of three organisations.
Choose one of the following course topic areas to focus your analysis.

1. Corporate Social Responsibility

2. Activism

3. Diversity and Inclusion

4. Issues and Crises
Use minimum seven (7) peer-reviewed journal articles to explain and support your analysis.
o Include two course articles.
o Include three articles from either (or both) of the following journals: Public Relations Review
(online) and/or Journal of Public Relations Research (available via UC TFDL).
o The remaining two articles may be from these journals or other peer-reviewed journals.
• In addition to the seven required journal articles, you can include non-scholarly examples for
background or context if you wish. No course textbooks.