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The paper requirement asks you to delve deeper into some of the policy issues that face state and local governments. Specifically, you should pick a policy area or issue currently facing the state or a local government in any state.

Once you have researched the current policy of the government you should assess this position by looking at its possible strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, you will evaluate pros and cons of alternative policies the government could adopt and explain what you think the state or local government should ultimately do.

You are free to look at any policy issue you find interesting. Possible issues areas include: criminal justice, economic development, education, social welfare and health care and environmental issues. One you decide on the basic area of policy you are interested in, you can narrow it down. For example, under criminal justice you could specificallylook at the recent state court decisions regarding the death penalty and the use of lethal injection as a method of execution.

Whatever you choose to write you paper on, I would strongly recommend that you send me a few lines describing your project well before the paper is actually due. That way we can both make sure we are on the same page.

Once you have chosen your topic, it will be time to do some research. My suggestion would be to start with a little web research.

The government of North Carolina maintains its website at and you can find many local government websites by typing the name and “government” into a search engine.

You should also consider looking through news websites and the websites for associations and groups that lobby the government on the particular issues you want to study.

6-8pages, MLA format. Analysis, style, spelling and grammar is a plus for this assignment.