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Before developing your own project plan, it is helpful to review a past project to analyze the effectiveness of that project. For this assignment, you evaluate a past project within healthcare. You should pick a public health project that was done on Diabetes in New York City in the past 5 years. It should involve healthcare analytics. Use Turabian formatting. Label each section to make it clear what subject you are talking in your essay like, Background, Challenges,

Your Tasks

For your evaluation of the project, consider these prompts for your analysis of the project.

  • Give a background of the organization, project scope, and business problem/need.
  • Determine if the project was “successful” (i.e. meaning it met objectives, met the “Triple Constraints” of the project).
  • What major challenges did the project face?
  • Is there anything you would change from the project OR something you would want to carry forward into future projects? What and why?
Integrate the following resources into the project.