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My “big question” is: Does marketing have harmful side effects on our kids?


You have begun to consider what you want argue regarding how to solve the problem you identified in your “big question.”


For this assignment, you will consider who your target audience is, some of the current ideas about your big question, and what media and genre will best deliver an effective message to your audience.


Topic Proposal (1-2 pages)

In your proposal, you will explain what you want to argue regarding your big question in Unit 3.


You will need to cite at least FOUR texts (I am including them)


You will need to identify:

  • your target audience and why you selected them;
  • the medium/media (article, video, presentation, etc.) you have selected to deliver this argument; and
  • why this choice was made based on the target audience.


Make sure to address the following questions:

  • What stance will you take? I personally think that is causing problems for our kids.
  • What solution will you suggest for your problem? Keep in mind that the solution should make up the bulk of your public argument.
  • What course of action do you want people to take?


The topic proposal should be organized so that it contains:

  • an introduction that explains: 1) why the problem is important and 2) the solution you plan to propose for your problem.
  • a discussion of the following: 1) a clear statement of your intended focus (how you will solve the problem); 2) a rationale for your intended focus (consider your audience, purpose, and medium); 3) a discussion of resources you will use;
  • a conclusion that addresses what work still needs to be done in preparation for the proposed argument.