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6.1 Discussion Assignment – Course Project Submission

100 Points Total. Initial post (70 pts) due Day 5 (11:59 CT), Replies (30 pts) due Day 7 (11:59 CT)
Part 1 Initial Post Due by Day 5 (11:59, CT) of Week 6 (70 pts)
This project will have you compare and contrast the cost, capital, and cash considerations of the following transportation modes; aviation, rail, road, off-road, ship, pipelines, cable, and space. Do not wait until Week 6 to start your project. Start your project early and apply what you learn from each week’s readings.
Your paper should be 8 pages (double-spaced), not including a cover page and reference pages. The paper must be submitted in APA format, including a cover page, headings, citations, and references. A table of contents is encouraged