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Students will submit an original 15-20 page (4,000-5,00 words) Capstone Project Report at the end of the semester. Students should refer to the Capstone Project Types and Expectations page for more information, as needed. This report will consist of the components below based on the selected project type.

Research Proposal:

  • Introduction
    • Overview of your research topic
    • Statement of the Problem
    • Significance of the Study
  • Literature Review
    • Summarize your annotated bibliography and how the literature relates to the topic of your proposed research.
  • Research Question(s)
  • Research Method
  • Limitations
  • Discussion
    • Describe your anticipated findings.
    • Describe the potential implications of your anticipated findings for higher education policy and practice.
  • Conclusion
  •  Appendix
    • Include reflective journal as an appendix.
**Attached are 6 sources to use for the paper. Please feel free to add any more. But all six that are attached must be used.**