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Project Plan

This is a continued work for IPP, Which I uploaded. It has 4 parts as follows(You need to write):

All four parts go according to the uploaded IPP, Risk Register, which has the entire project and other content such as WBS, etc.

Part 1.Quality Management Plan  & Statement

Similar to the Risk Management Plan, you do not need a full Quality Management Plan. Limit this section to 1 pages. Be very specific as to your project’s approach to Quality management – in your IPP.  In other words do not spend time and effort discussing in general terms the Quality Management Process groups.

For the quality management plan, you need to develop a quality plan that includes the following items:

  • Any applicable quality standards, linking them to the major deliverable(s) (for example Level 2 Deliverable) to which they apply.  For instance, what standards should the deliverable conform to?
  • Policies and procedures the project will follow to ensure the quality standards are met (Will you perform onsite inspections?)
  • The methods or means you will employ to ensure and verify that the quality plan is followed (How will you document and prove that you have taken reasonable steps?)
  • Person(s) responsible for managing the project quality

You may choose to provide such information in a matrix or register.  I am not expecting anything as complete as the sample quality plans, but I want to see adapt a quality plan appropriate and specific for the contents of this project.

Insert your quality plan into your IPP document.

Part 2: Project Closure Plan

You need to add a Project Closure and Lessons Learned Plan to your Integrated Project Plan. Limit this section to 2 pages.  This plan should address all major aspects of the closing and lessons learned process.

Closing Process: Describe what and how the closing process will be conducted. Consider the following:

  • Final project report template, including financials (what should be included in a final report
  • Closing procurement (what procurement contracts will need to be closed)
  • Ensuring all expenses are paid appropriately

Project and Team Lessons Learned Process: Describe the process you will follow on on lessons learned will be conducted as part of your closing processes,

  • Process for how you collect and document project and team lessons learned
  • Who is involved
  • What the lessons learned will be used for
  • Consider how they can be sued to create value for the organization moving forward.
  • Process for evaluating team performance with focus how the team worked together

Part 3: Project Lessons Learned Template

As part of this assignment, you are to create a template that your team will use to capture the project lessons learned.

Part 4: Team Lessons Learned

As part of this assignment, you are to create a template that your team will use to capture the Team lessons learned.