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This paper is the culmination of the work done over the term. The paper will bring together all your knowledge and experience from your degree courses taken to date as well as the knowledge derived from your placement related to your topic of interest. The final product will discuss the original goal of the project and speak to how well this goal was met. It will include a minimum of 4 course readings from this term, 4 course readings from previous terms in BCMH, 5 scholarly readings from external sources related to your topic, and any relevant documents and websites from the organization where you carried out the key informant interview (a minimum of 13 sources)

Part One (1.5 pages): The first half of the paper will demonstrate everything you have learned about your topic of interest from the scholarly literature, any practice-related work you have done and field research (key informant interviews, websites, reports), drawing heavily from your Field Research Report.  Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the subject, including identifying the gaps in knowledge and dilemmas in practice. What makes this problem so challenging? What treatment approaches/interventions have proven to work/not work? Make the connections between the individuals and groups who are affected and the social determinants of health.

Part Two (1.5 pages): The second half of the paper will include a critical reflexivity element, where you consider your own unique social location in relation to the knowledge developed through the project and/or how it influences your professional practice. In this reflexivity piece, you will articulate a philosophy of practice, which is the specific combination of knowledge, ethics, skills and values that you will bring into the field in your own professional practice. Consider the role of power and what anti-oppressive practice means to you in this field. In this section, you will reflect on why you chose this particular topic/field of practice, your own lived experience or lack of it in relation to your topic, how your philosophy of practice is similar/different to the key informant you interviewed, what you learned about yourself over the course of the BCMH degree program and what impact you see yourself having as you move into your career.  

PLEASE PICK 4 of the Articles provided that relate to the topic  (see Topic above)

I have uplaoded some notes i have for part 2 (please use this notes in your paper)