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The task is to take input from a user a date (say the date of birth). The input is taken in three values: YearMonth, and Day. Your task is:

– To check every possible input error and upon detection, prompts the user to enter the value again.

– All three inputs are numbers (integer type). Then calculate the current age based on the provided input and show the age on the screen.

Possible type of error/exception(s) are listed below (but not limited to):

– The year cannot be more than 110 years from the current year. Also, check the validity of the year value (like no negative number, no character, etc.).

– Need to check the validity of month and day values (There could be various possible scenarios).  (for example, February can not be more than 28 if not leap year; day can not be more than 31 for certain months, etc.)

– Need to check whether the user types the values in the right format (the valid user input should contain digits, not any other characters).

-Check null or empty values.

You are required to write one function that checks the validity of the input and another function to calculate the current age ( years, months and days) and print the value on the screen.

Use the try-catch-finally block structure to handle all errors and/or exceptions in your program.