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The paper is already written but poorly. Please help me re-write it to a more professional level using the sources and instructions provided. I need doctoral level  work and right now it is at a 9th grade level work. The paper is very scarred and hard to follow and read.  PLEASE DO NOT ADD A TITLE OR A REFRENCE PAGE. NO CITATION IS NEEDED IN THE TEXT.


I had to do a professional interview with a practicing behavioral health therapist for the course assignment. In my interview, I had written the types of assessments that she performs on her clients.

I attached the needed resources and the course book that you will. The book will be an excellent guide in what needs to be mentioned and HOW.  Please refer to chapters 2, chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7, as well as any chapters you deem informative to ensure that the paper is written professionally. I will stay in touch with you throughout to ensure that instructions are clear and understood. I will add an extra money tip if the assignment is well written, and all instructions followed.


The interview focused on assessments used, reasons for their use, evaluations of their usefulness (benefits and cons), shortcomings of the testing process, etc. In a 2 to 3-page paper, please discuss all of this. This must be written in APA format and third person. You do not need to include citations within the paper but do need to add a bibliography page with details on the individual you interviewed.