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Create a professional growth plan.

Identify areas of strength and weakness concerning math content and teaching methods.

Describe your selected professional growth areas (for math) of focus, as well as information from your self-reflections that support your selections.

Research trends, best practices, and available resources to help you grow in these math areas.

Consider the following:

  • How might your weak areas affect student learning? What do you plan to do to address these areas of weakness? How will growth improve your practice and enhance student learning?
  • What specific resources are available to help you with your growth (i.e., professional organizations, online tools, etc.)?

Create a list of specific activities you could engage in to develop your areas of (math) focus. Consider both activities that focus on acquiring content knowledge as well as developing skills.

Describe how you will know that you have achieved your math goals. Provide a description of the evidence you will collect and include a timeline for achieving the goals.