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Papers should with complete sentence/indented paragraph format, using an introduction, body, and conclusion style with headings.  Standard double-spacing.  Proper in-text citations are required.  The following questions must be addressed

  1. What is the background of the ethical issue (how did it come about/occur)?\
  2. Who are the players (companies, individuals, cultures, etc.)?
  3. What are the moral and non-moral issues?
  4. What are the moral behavior issues (Euphemistic Labeling, Rationalizing Actions, Diminishing comparisons, etc.)?
  5. How would this issue be viewed and addressed through the lenses of:  Utilitarianism (2.1); Rights and Duties / Kant’s Categorical Imperative (2.2); Justice and Fairness (2.3); and, Virtue Ethics / Care Ethics (2.4; 2.6)?
  6. What role does religion/Biblical aspects play in this issue?
  • Students should use at least seven reference sources in Works Cited. All listed sources should be referenced in at least one in-text citation in your paper.  Please limit direct quotes to no more than 3% of your paper.  The number of sources should include at least two peer-reviewed sources, at least two media sources (newspaper, blog, television broadcast, website, etc.), in addition to the textbook and Christian Scriptures.