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This project is an opportunity to create your FASD prevention campaign.


  1. Written Component – The written component accompanies your prevention campaign. The written component must give a description of what you have done and provide a rationale behind the campaign you have designed. Within this rationale you should provide a brief comparison between your campaigns and some of the campaigns you examined during previous modules. This written component must be a minimum of 500 words and should contain proper academic referencing as appropriate.
  2. Creative Component –You can choose to create a poster, video, website. This creative component must be submitted with your written component through the D2L Dropbox.PEASE FOLLOW THE RUBRIC.


Written Component Describes the project, target audience and location for use in enough detail it could be reproduced by the reader.

Provides a clear rationale for project format that fits with the target audience and prevention model.

Describes the advantages and disadvantages of using this format compared to other prevention campaigns or programs.

Provides a detailed account of how the elements of the project address the goals

Identifies strengths and limitations of their project by comparing it with other programs with a similar format.

Creative Component


Project is different than other prevention campaigns

Visual elements or concepts are engaging and interesting

Project looks professionally designed

All elements reflect the stated goals and rationale of the project

All elements are framed in a strength-based way

Elements show strong links with course learning

Avoids stigmatizing or negative images