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Predisposing factors affecting the health care services delivery situation.

The assignment must be based upon a Safety Manager and Pediatric Healthcare: “Increased Coronavirus Cases Among Children”.

Role Playing Exercise- Your supervising manager has shared the many of the leaders have identified some issues for the each of their different job roles. Your supervising manager would like you to email the identified issues to them so each leaders’ issues and solutions can be appropriately reviewed with each of the interdisciplinary teams.


Apply the key concepts, policies, and trends in the US health care sector in order to identify challenges in the management of health care organizations.

Write a professionally-crafted email to address to the supervising manager (your faculty) with regard to the predisposing factors affecting the health care services delivery situation at that time. This submission does not require citations or references. The goal is to demonstrate your critical thinking (analysis and application of the general concepts) in the assessment of a health care sector service delivery.

1. Identify and Discuss at Least Two Issues Based on Your Job Role: List a minimum of two issues that contributed to the situation from the perspective of your job role. For example, if your role is the supply chain management one of the issues might be the absence of the sharp disposal containers due to flood in the warehouse where they are stored off-site.

2. Identify and Discuss Potential Solutions for Each Issue:  Recommend a realistic solution to each of the listed issues. For example, recommend using thick plastic water containers labelled with permanent markers as a temporary solution.  (Do not use the provided example in your submissions).

3. Identify and Discuss the Workforce and Stakeholders: List the workforce and stakeholders necessary to achieve the proposed solutions. For example, the food supplier/manager needs to be contacted about the empty water containers. The custodial chief needs to be contacted about the storage locations and restrictions enforcement.


  1. Know the definitions of terms: predisposing factors
  2. Make sure the factors and proposed solutions are reasonable and achievable. Do not make general or common sense statements.  Think about how you would address these issue in real life and consider the solutions you may propose to address these issues in your job role.
  3. Learn how to write a professionally-written email, crafted to your supervising manager regarding the issues you have identified with potential solutions along with the details regarding the workforce as well as stakeholders. Know the name of your Supervising Manager.