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# For this assignment, I want you to think through several common areas where individuals bring in expectations to a relationship. I have listed several areas below and there may be others that are not listed.

Specific assignment details:

  • There are six main expectation areas outlined below and under each expectation area is a set of bullet points with additional follow up questions to get you thinking further about your potential expectations for this specific area.
  • You are to select FOUR of these expectation areas to write about (although you can write about all six if you want to).
  • You can write out your expectations in a similar bulleted outline format but you still need to use complete sentences with appropriate college level grammar and mechanics.
  • You do not have to address each follow up bullet point question but you can, and you can discuss other things not listed in the bullet points.

Expectation areas:

1) Personal goals and expectations

  • what are your goals regarding education, career, where you want to live, how many children you want to have, etc?
  • what expectations do you have for your spouse in these areas (education/career)?
  • do you want to live near family? if so, would you consider relocating for a job for either you or a spouse?

2) Financial matters

  • do you want to work? full time or part time? what about your spouse?
  • how will you handle finances? will you combine your finances or keep separate accounts?
  • who will pay the bills and handle budgets? how much money do you want to put in savings each month? any other rules for spending?
  • how do you want to handle debt?
  • how do you want to handle situations where friends or family may need to borrow money?

3) Household arrangements/family

  • who does the housework? how are these duties split?
  • what kind of home do you want to have? do you want to own or rent?
  • would you allow family members to live with you? under what circumstances?
  • how often will you see and spend time with extended family?

4) Children

  • do you want children? if so, how many?
  • how would you handle infertility? would you pay for different treatments? what about foster or adoption?
  • how will children be disciplined?
  • how will children be educated? public or private school?
  • who will care for children before kindergarten?
  • will you practice any religion?

5) Intimacy and Infidelity

  • what constitutes infidelity? how will this be dealt with?
  • any other expectations for this area?

6) Other (things you may discuss could include…)

  • expectations for your social life or the social life of your spouse, which can include the types of friends each person can have
  • if a remarriage or if you or spouse has children, any expectations for dealing with ex spouse or other parent of children?
  • any physical standards for spouse?
  • any deal breakers?
  • any other standards or expectations?