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Writing the Pre-introduction and the Bare Bones of your speech
Before you begin, review your previous work developing a full topic map and identifying your two main topics and 2 sub-main topics for each. Having the topic map handy as you complete this assignment will be helpful.
For every speech, you will complete a pre-introduction where you determine the direction of your speech by writing the general topic, the narrowed topic, your specific purpose, and your pattern of organization – the way you want to present the information to your audience.
We’ve looked at the first three items, now add the fourth – the pattern of organization – by looking for the connections between those first three items and the points on your topic map.
For your reference, here are possible patterns for informative speeches (found in Chapter 8 pp 149-156):
  • Topical: Identify different types or categories.
  • Chronological: Moving through time, sequential.
  • Visual or Spatial: Going around a physical space.
  • Causal: Who or What is Responsible?
  • Narrative: Telling a Story – Problem, Work, Resolution
Using your topic map and previous assignments, fill in the general topic, narrowed topic, and specific purpose.
3. Now fill in two main points you want to make and two supporting subpoints for each main point (you could have more in the final outline)
4. Now, look at the connections between the topic, main points, and sub points. Which pattern of organization fits those connections? Type it in the pattern of organization line.
Speech Beginnings 
General Topic:
Narrowed Topic:
Specific Purpose:
Pattern of Organization
I. Main Point
    A.  Subpoint
    B. Subpoint
II. Main Point
    A. Subpoint
    B. Subpoint