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 Population Growth

You must Include one thematic map that illustrates some aspect of your narrative (maps or graphics cannot be decorative in nature, the content of the object must be an integral part of your narrative

 Put another way, whatever you post as a graphic or map must be mentioned/discussed in the narrative beyond simply stating that there is a map and the reader should look at it–a substantive connection must be made.


One argument concerning population growth is that our most important goal should be to sharply reduce the rate of population growth in less-developed countries, where most of the world’s population growth is expected to take place. Another argument is that the most serious environmental problems stem from high levels of resource consumption per person in more-developed countries, which use most of the world’s resources and have much larger ecological footprints per person than do less-developed countries.

  • Which of these views do you think presents the most cogent argument and why? (Remember that sources are required, and must be academically acceptable.)

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