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TOPIC: Pollution & Waste Management

Assignment: As a member of a group, provide an individual contribution to a research project by writing a research paper in which you:

  • Write about a topic related to the group project.
  • Provide:

o   1) an introduction with your individual thesis;

o   2) well-developed main point paragraphs with clear topic sentences, sufficient development of each main point, valid and reliable supporting evidence, clear connections to the main point and the paper topic, and concluding ideas with transition to the next main point paragraph;

o   3) a conclusion tying your thesis into the group thesis;

  • Include a minimum of five reliable outside references; these must be dated within the last 3-5 years, unless approved by me.
  • Include a minimum of two visuals (chart, table, picture), with a caption and proper APA documentation with the visual.
  • Use headings to separate areas
  • Provide an annotated bibliography with at least five entries; see this assignment, “Annotated Bibliography” on Canvas for further guidance on how to do this segment.

Length: a full 6-10 pages (not including visuals), double space, blank line between paragraphs.