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political speech
Read the political speech by Peter, a candidate for the upcoming national election. Then respond to the short answer questions using complete sentences and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Be sure to refer to this week’s readings for support in your responses! Include an APA style citation for the resources used below your responses.
1. LIST the arguments.
2. IDENTIFY the non-arguments.
3. LIST the facts.
4. IDENTIFY the non-facts.
5. What statements are subjective? EXPLAIN why these statements are subjective.
6. What statements are relativist? EXPLAIN why these statements are relativist.

Good afternoon, fellow citizens! We are at a turning point in history and it is up to you, the voters, to determine our country’s future with your vote this upcoming November. Do you want to remain on the economic treadmill, barely making ends meet, and worried about the security of your job…or would you rather live the American dream by making good money through stable and predictable employment? My economic plan will create jobs and put more money in your pocket. My opponent, Jon, has had the previous four years to fix the economy. What has he done? Nothing. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that unemployment has risen 4 percent since he took office. This is because he supports the out-sourcing of your hometown jobs! In 2009, he signed an executive order that effectively abolished all federal income taxes for companies that choose to outsource labor yet remain incorporated in the United States. I believe this is wrong; we need to take care of our people first because America is the greatest country on Earth with the hardest-working labor force. In essence, Jon is punishing hard-working Americans by stealing their ability to earn a living for their families. I talked with a factory worker last week in Michigan. He was laid off, due to out sourcing, more than a year ago. He has not been able to find a job since then and he says that makes him feel like a bad provider for his family. However, it is not his fault. Jon is a bad provider for his family. Jon’s plan is targeting your wallet and threatens your family stability. The average American family now earns 5,000 dollars less per year than when he took office. He wants you to fear losing your job so you work harder for less pay. He wants you to be on hard times because you then have to take any job, no matter how demeaning or low paying, just to support your family. Jon wants to destroy America and give our security to workers in other countries. I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio- the ‘steel belt’ of the 1970’s. My father worked in a steel mill there and provided a great living for my brothers and I. Well, his job was outsourced in the late 1970’s and he was laid off. We no longer had new clothes, good meat on the table, or money for school supplies. Our high school football season was cancelled due to lack of funding. Many in our community endured the same hard times. All of us felt that out sourcing was unethical because, without work in the local factory, none of us would be able to eat. Jon doesn’t want you to eat. I leave you with these final words- vote for America this November. My plan will raise the average annual salary by 10,000 dollars. This has been confirmed by the Rand Institute- an independent economic review board. I will fight corporate out-sourcing by imposing a 50 percent federal income tax on any corporation that out sources American jobs. I believe in you, the American worker. Jon believes in lining his and his corporate buddies’ pockets with money. Vote for me and vote for America’s future! Peter for Progress!