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politcal science scope

I am applying for this job opportunity outside of my politcal science scope. The primary point of this cover letter is to sell to this company that I am more than qualified for this position based off my real life experience. The primary angle I would like to focus on is my military experience, especially as an officer candidate. I have attached a cover letter that I have done before and I want to keep the same format.

The focus for the second paragraph should highlight citrix motto’s  values, etc. And how their mission correlates with characteristics and experience from the Army; consequently me.
Third paragraph shoud bring everything home, the selling point of why I am equipped and the best person for the job. As an Army officer I am expected to learn some of the most complex tasks and explain in the most simple way. Also, provide examples as a paralegal where I learn new regulations/laws and explained them to commanders to make the just decision. Also, implement characteristics and qualities from the actual job description (Citrix leadership program).