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Policy is what government “does”. So far we’ve looked at government institutions and the game of politics, now we turn to what it actually does…or what some think it is supposed to do, or not do. Put yourself in the position of what I call a “policy wonk”, someone who loves developing, strategizing, forming what government policies are.

After reading/studying Chapters 17 & 18 in the text and given what you may be following in the political news, etc., describe what you think is the most pressing economic or domestic issue facing the United States today (e.g. infrastructure, inflation, jobs, taxes/spending, immigration, etc.) and if you were running for President what you think needs to be done to fix, resolve, change, or not change, etc.
Please keep length to a couple paragraphs for each part and content should be substantive which means to back up your assertions/statements with evidence, sound argument, critical thinking, and any reliable sources at your disposal. Any links for articles/references, etc. always help.