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Write a 5 to 6 page (Not including title page)  double spaced MLA format essay on the following topic.  Upload  your Essay using a Word document format.  Your work will be checked via UNICHECK for plagiarism, so make sure your submission is original.

USE CAUTION: If you simply upload text, and do not submit your essay via Word, it is deceiving and will not total 6 pages. I cut and paste your text onto a Word document to ensure a complete 6 page document.  If you attach a cover (title page) it does not count as a page.

This is a college course, not high school. You are expected to turn in a complete document following the MLA format, and double check your spelling and grammar.  If you are unsure of your Essay, or need any assistance, contact The Learning Center for assistance. They will provide you feed back before you turn in your Essay.


You are the Chief of Police of a medium size department consisting of 200 officers. Of these 200 are uniform patrol officers and the remainder are assigned to detectives, vice, narcotics and various administrative assignments.

Your city covers ten square miles and has a population of 350,000 people, and is a combination of residential, business and industrial areas.

There has been a controversial Officer Involved In Custody Death that occurred one week ago in another state. There have been demonstrations that have occurred in a dozen cities across the country, and there have been two demonstrations in your city. Each demonstration has had an attendance of 250 people, and have been loud, animated and tumultuous, and during the second demonstration, violent as several members of the crowd dressed in black hoodies and face masks threw rocks and bottles at your officers.

Your officers have advised you that many of the demonstrators do not appear to be from your jurisdiction, and in fact there has been a substantial increase in out of state plates that have appeared in your city during these demonstrations.

At each demonstration, the crowd has demanded refunding the police department, “re-imagining” the police department, and disarming the police department.

The Mayor and City Council have directed you to report to them on the following agenda items. This report could include any research you may conduct.

1. If asked, how would you “De-fund” the department? This would include any ideas you may have on eliminating unnecessary positions, equipment, and wage increases.

2. Based on the crowds demands to “Re-imagine” the Department, what does that mean and what steps would you take to do so?

3. The crowd has also demanded that police officers be disarmed.  What is your argument to support this idea, or refute this idea. Be specific and give examples.

As Chief of Police, how do you plan to handle each of these issues and how will it adjust your deployment if at all.

Click on this link to view a pin map of your agency where the crimes are occurring over the past 5 days. Pin Map.pdf




In each case, describe in detail you plan of action, your specific  strategies, how you would adjust your department to accomplish these unique problems, and how would you determine if your strategies are working.