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Annotated Bibliography Assignment

For this assignment you will need to find 5 sources that are relevant to your research question and annotate each one thoroughly. At least one source should be academic. Each annotation should contain the following:

Summary: in one paragraph, summarize the article you are citing, focusing on what is particularly relevant to your research question.

Assessment and Reflection: in one or more additional paragraphs, assess the credibility and relevance of your source, and explain how you intend to use it to make your own argument.

You should also include a Synthesis at the end. In the synthesis, you will briefly summarize the main ideas of each of your citations and discuss how they will help you to answer your research question and advance your own argument. You should also reflect on what your next steps should be. Do you need to alter your own argument in any way? Are there any gaps in your research that you need to fill? What kind of sources should you be looking for next?