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Planning and Decision Making

Blocher, E. J., Stout, D. E., Juras, P. E., & Smith, S. (2019). Cost Management (A Strategic Emphasis) 8e. McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN: 1259917029

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  1. Remember that you may not always be writing to someone who has knowledge of the subject matter, Therefore, you want to include enough information to introduce a topic to them, make sure any definitions of terms or concepts are included, and then offer descriptions of how these concepts work or apply to a business.
    2. The Biblical integration portion of the assignment was adequate, However, remember the purpose of including this in each assignment, which is to demonstrate that one’s Faith and Scripture are not isolated and thought of as an add-on. Much of the business world believe that Scripture and Faith belong in the church or your home; nothing could be further from the truth! Our job does not require us to preach or beat people over the head with the Bible. God, however, does require that we demonstrate our faith in all we do. So, with that in mind, for each concept or idea you bring to the table, include something at that point, rather than waiting until the end.
    3. Remember to include a title page, a header, and a page number in the formatting of the paper.
    4. Double spacing and Times New Roman 12 pt font are required.
    5. Be sure to include the Bible as a reference.
    6. If you are concerned about grammar issues, first set up Word as indicated in the attachment to the grammar announcement. Then when you are done with the paper, select the Editor tab at the top left and left it show you where the issues are.
    7. APA formatting is essential, and most of you did well. Remember that if it is a quote, the information must be inside quote marks, followed by the citation that includes a page number, and then a period after the citation. Review punctuation for e.g., et al., and in-text citing (Keller, date).
    8. Do not use contractions, first-person, such as I, do not use personal pronouns, such as we, you, your, my, mine.