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step  1. read the meaning of belief document that is attached to this asiignment.

step 2.
answer these study questions:
1.How does Crane respond to the God Hypothesis? How is his response related to his definition of religion? How are the pessimist and optimist versions of atheism related? Which does Crane favor? Explain his reasoning. 2. According to Crane, what is religious impulse? How is it different from religious temperament? Why is belief in the transcendent an essential part of religious belief? Why are religious practice and ritual also essential? 3. What does Crane see as important similarities and differences between science and religion? Are science and religion compatible? What does Crane see as the role of faith in religion? What about in science? 4. Crane offers a defense of religious tolerance that relies on a distinction between tolerance and respect. He is also careful to reject a relativist account of truth. Nonetheless, even he has to admit that tolerance has its limits. Explain his reasoning
your answer for each question must be at least 100 words and must be based on reading the article. yor answers must also be plagiarism