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 Traditional Paper:
In an analytical philosophy paper, complete the following:
I. Explain Sartre’s first principle of existentialism (i.e., the principle of radical
freedom). Include an example illustrating this first principle.
II. Raise an objection to Sartre’s first principle of existentialism.
III. Explain whether you think that Sartre’s first principle of existentialism can still be
true despite this objection.
IV. Explain Sartre’s notions of anguish, forlornness, and despair. In particular,
explain how these attitudes relate to the first principle of existentialism. Include
examples of how these attitudes may arise in light of one’s radical freedom.
V. Conclude by summarizing your views on Sartre’s Existentialism. Be sure to
explain why you AGREE with Sartre’s philosophy.
Key Reading (which should be discussed and cited in your paper):
Jean-Paul Sartre, “Existentialism” And PP. Attached*

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