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Research your process from Phase 1 Term Project.   What does research means?  It means looking for articles that describe the process, or the process improvement that have been undertaken in the past.   Look up articles describing the process.  Look up ‘generic’ best practice process that can be applied to your company process.  Make sure you turn in a list of all aticles and sources you found in your research.

For example, type ‘Company’ Order Fulfillment Process if you are focusing on that process.  Look for articles and go to Google ‘Images’ – see what you find.

Documented the process – that is, flow chart process.  You can do it by hand using correct flow charting symbols or use, BPM Notation, Arena Simulation Software, or Microsoft Visio. You must use correct symbols, must have a start and finish symbols.   It must be comprehensive, detailed.

You can document by hand – but it must be clean – buy a flowchart template from a school supply store.

This is a process discovery effort.  This process should not be 4 steps, but more in the area  of up to 20-40 steps.   Ask questions, I am here to help you.


Research 20% (Articles, Images, Benchmark Process) – submit citation page.

Flow Chart 60% (Comprehensive, start symbol, correct symbols, decision points) – submit flowchart

Clean and Readable – 20% (correct symbols)

Attached is phase 1 for clairty. Must stick to Amazon.