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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to create a formal, full sentence, APA formatted outline for your Persuasive Speech assignment. This outline will be a detailed roadmap for your Persuasive Speech.

Knowledge: This assignment is requiring you to complete a full sentence outline. A full sentence outline is an APA formatted outline that gives a comprehensive overview of what your speech is going to cover. A large part of effective speaking is to gather and organize information in a way that will be easy for your audience to follow along with and understand. The practice of outlining helps to understand how to effectively organize your information. Using the template provided below, you will create a full sentence outline of the information you will be speaking about in your Persuasive Speech. This will include the topic, purpose statement, thesis statement, side you will be arguing, main points, sub-points, sub-sub points, rebuttal/refutation, and call to action that were included in the Persuasive Speech Skeleton Outline assignment.

In this outline, you are going to need to include your attention grabber, credibility, relevance statement, thesis statement, and preview of main points in the introduction section. In the conclusion, you will need to include a review of the thesis, a review of main points, a call to action, and close with impact statement. These need to be in full sentences. Please see the Introduction to Introductions and Wrapping Up with Conclusion videos for further information on these components of the speech.

Next, you will need to add further information to the main points, sub-points, sub-sub points, and rebuttal and refutation. In your skeleton outline, this information was provided with two or three key words for each. For this outline, you will need to expand all of this information into full sentences worded in the way you plan on saying it in your speech. A good rule of thumb is that your full sentence outline should include at least 90% of what you are going to say in your speech.

Between each of the main points, you will need to provide a transition statement. Transitions are a form of signpost language where you are letting your audience know you are moving from one topic to the next. For example, you would write out: “Now that we’ve talked about the personal benefits of a college degree, let’s move on to talking about the social benefits of an educated populous.”

You will be required to include your outside sources in your outline and your speech. You will need to cite a minimum of five outside sources in your outline. YOU NEED TO SHOW HOW YOU ARE GOING TO ORALLY CITE THE SOURCES AND CITE THE SOURCES USING APA FORMATTING FOR IN-TEXT CITATIONS. For example, if you are going to use an article written by Bob Jones from the New York Times published on June 1, 2020, you would write it out something similar to this in your outline: “According to Bob Jones in his June 1, 2020 article published in the New York Times, there would be a positive economic impact on a national level if everyone was offered a free college education (Jones, 2020).” You can see in this example, not only does the sentence use signpost language to cue the audience to an outside source (According to…), but it also has an APA formatted in-text citation at the end of the sentence (Jones, 2020).

In addition to the APA formatted in-text citations, you will also need to provide an APA formatted References page at the end of the outline. Detailed guidance for the creation of in-text citations and the References page can be found in the module.

Research: You will need to provide two additional outside sources for your Persuasive Speech topic. Between the Persuasive Speech Topic & Main Points and Persuasive Speech Skeleton Outline assignments, you have found three outside sources. You will need to find a minimum of two more sources (for a total of five) for your outline and speech. Please remember that you need to have at least one outside source from the opposing side, and one source that is statistical in nature. All sources need to be cited and referenced using proper APA formatting.

Task: To successfully complete this assignment, you will:

  1. Use the purpose, topic, thesis, position you will be arguing, main points, sub-points, sub-sub points rebuttal/refutation, and call to action you submitted in the Persuasive Speech Skeleton Outline assignment.
  2. Expand all main points, sub-points, and sub-sub points to full sentences.
  3. Provide transition statements between the main points.
  4. Completely fill out all sections of the introduction and conclusion.
  5. Properly cite your outside sources orally and with APA formatting.
  6. Create an APA formatted References page at the end of your outline.
  7. Provide a minimum of five outside sources in APA formatting for your topic.
  8. Use the template provided below for proper formatting.
  9. Upload the assignment to the Persuasive Speech Outline drop box by the due date.