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just need it to be written here are my professor’s comments I will attach my rough draft below.Also, it is just an outline all the red needs to be removed.

– You’ve done a good job to expand on the ideas you initially presented in your Select and Narrow a Persuasive Speech Topic assignment. However, it would be best if you download the outline template included with the assignment so that you are prompted to include transitions between steps, etc. as well as with all the specific elements that should be included within each step (especially within the Attention and Action step.) Good infusion of external research within your Attention step. Your preview is excellent. -Nice job explaining the problems in the Need step. However, make sure to build in the oral citations for where some of your information comes from. -Excellent solutions are provided within the Satisfaction step! -Visualization step is great–good look at what will happen if we don’t stop deforestation. -Call to action is excellent, however, the Action step is missing a summary, statement of personal interest, and vivid ending. -You are also missing a References page. Look at the links provided ( to better understand how an APA References page should look, and what information to include. -You have a great start here Kevin! Make sure to look at the full template to fill in some missing elements. Then, do your best to create note cards that just take your general ideas and quoted support so that you are not tempted to “read” this speech. Please practice your speech by concentrating on your physical delivery (eye contact, gestures, smiling), and vocal quality (conversational tone, lessen vocalized pauses “um”), and work on using your notes extemporaneously. (Make sure to begin your speech with the Attention Getter you incorporated, not “Hi my name is…” or “Today I will talk about…” and don’t forget to close with “thank you” so your audience knows the speech has concluded.)