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In college you will be asked at various points to write a persuasive or argumentative or a position essay. All of these essays are essentially the same but given different names. The point of this essay is to convince your audience to come to assent with you in your opinion. You will use logos, ethos and pathos to manipulate your audience to come to your terms. Logos is logical arguments, ethos are ethical/moral arguments and pathos appeal to the emotion of the audience. Pathos is fantastic to use to close your paper as you want your audience to take an action, not just mentally agree.
You will also be tasked with finding three sources to provide evidence to back up your logic and ethical arguments. I am restricting your resources to the PJC databases. In the previous lessons we have been learning how to cite these sources using MLA formatting. You are required to provide both In-Text citations and Works Cited Page citations. Failure to provide both citations means your essay will not receive a mark.
1. Using Fahrenheit 451 as a starting point, which is more important: individual liberty or communal safety?
2. Using Fahrenheit 451 as a starting point, is there ever a reason to justify limiting free speech?
3. Using Fahrenheit 451 as a starting point, do individuals need knowledge that goes beyond their job/career? (Additional critical thinking skills)