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The purpose of the paper is to assess the students understanding and application of a chosen perspective in psychology.


The student will create a 6 page paper which utilizes scholarly resources to demonstrate the history, theory and application of the chosen perspective.  The paper must be formatted in APA., submitted in a Word document by April 12, 2022 by 11:59p.m.


The paper will be graded utilizing the attached rubric.


*All papers will automatically go through Turnitin to check for Plagiarism.  If you have questions regarding plagiarism please watch the video What is Plagiarism.

The perspective that was chosen was the BIOLOGICAL PRESPECTIVE

Biological Perspective Sources

Friedman, Bruce H


Evers, Catharine ; Hopp, Henrik ; Gross, James J ; Fischer, Agneta H ; Manstead, Antony S.R ; Mauss, Iris B

Please use the two sources above.

Feel free to add more souces if needed.