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The journal is an exercise in applying the principles of various approaches of personality to your life. Post one journal entry for each chapter Journal titled "Start where you are. read that week. Submit your journal as an assignment. Your journal writing shows that you understand the theories and can apply their main concepts to real people. Do not use the journal to explain the theories themselves, except as they pertain to you.

Personality includes one’s thought processes, language, emotions and behaviors. Journal entries are meant to reflect how you and other people react to day-to-day life situations, both positive and negative. Use the vocabulary and concepts from each theory to describe the strategies you and others may use to successfully navigate the challenges of life. For example, you might write about some defense mechanisms you have employed, or a dream interpretation by Freud. From cognitive psychology, you might want to share how your language habits impact your perception of events. Considering Jung, you may address how the Shadow and Persona archetypes are apparent in your character.

Along with making observations about your daily life, you may use the Personal Experiences exercises at the end of each chapter to apply the theory to yourself. When an assessment or personality test is available, in the text or the “Personality Playground” (located in course resources), you may do the measure and write about what the results mean.

It is graded on four criteria:

  1. Degree of personal exploration: Use of Personal Experience exercises, objective assessments and real-life examples. Significant learning evidenced in journal entries.
  2. Application of theories from each chapter, using correct terminology and concepts. Uses assessment and personal experience exercises. Opinions are backed with evidence or references.
  3. Insight and Growth: Shows a pattern of realizations about own personality stemming from application of theories and assessments.
  4. Good writing: Thorough and well-written with theory-specific vocabulary. Flawless spelling and punctuation. Thoughts are logically organized and easy to follow.
PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DO JOURNAL ENTRIES FOR WEEK 1 AND 2 SO 14 ENTRIES IN TOTAL. Topics you can discuss is anything in the powerpoints I added below.