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Personality Disorders

First you will select a specific mental disorder that is addressed in the material being covered in your textbook and the DSM-5.  You are to choose from one disorder from the following categories:

Anxiety Disorders                                         Mood Disorders
Paraphilic Disorders                                     Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders
Personality Disorders                                  Substance-Related Disorders
Gender Dysphoria                                       Trauma & Stressor Related Disorder

  1. Describe the disorder in detail, including the diagnostic criteria in the DSM-5 (available in your textbook)
  2. Summarize the current research on the disorder by locating a minimum of three (3) recent and  relevant empirical studies (peer-reviewed, scientific journals).
  3. Provide a summary of each article focusing on the hypothesis(ses), the variables studied, brief description of the method, the outcome(s), and  conclusion(s).
    Do not use articles from websites unless they are from a government agency (extension will be .gov), that means no Wikipedia.  Do NOT use secondary sources such as Psychology Today, or textbooks).   Paste a copy of the abstract pertaining to each article.  Be sure it includes the title, journal name, authors, and publication date.
  1. Discuss what cumulative conclusion(s) you have drawn concerning the selected disorder relative to the research articles summarized
  1. Finally, discuss why this disorder is of interest to you. Any personal information will remain  confidential.