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  1. Your part #3 should include:

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Title Page: Your full name, student email, Course and Section number, Instructor name, Assignment Name, Date submitted and the following academic integrity statement: “I confirm that this work is my own, has been prepared by me and adheres to the academic integrity statement signed by me and on file with the instructor.”

Introduction. Brief introduction about yourself, your name, stage of your career you are at and your professional career goal(s) or life goals you may have.
Reflection of Skill Development. Which skills did you want to develop, why the skills are important to you and what SMART objective you set for each skill.

Reflection on action plan. List and explain the activities, actions or workshops you completed.
What activities / workshops did you complete to reach your goal? Were they the ones you initially planned but didn’t do? Why not? Where there others that you did not planned but ended up doing? Why? How useful was your action plan?

How did it feel to hold yourself accountable?
Reflection on outcomes
Did you achieve your goals/outcomes? Why or why not?
Have your priorities shifted/changed and would you want to change your goals? Why or why not?
Are the outcomes still important to you? How will they help you in the future? Conclusion: Comment on the personal skill development plan overall. Did you find it to be a valuable exercise, would you try it again? Why or why not?