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This is a two-essay assignment. You will submit TWO separate essays.

Draft a 500-word essay on any event that happened during your lifetime that you recollect. You must support your recollection with historical evidence, thus you will cite as CMS using footnotes! This essay is about your experiences during the event, not about the event itself out of context. Bonus points if you use evidence from American Perspectives!

Second, this is your first upgrading opportunity. Upgrading is when students self-reflect on their work, on what they learned, in totality. Holistically. And comes up with a grade based on specific and detailed evidence in support of that grade. Metacognition: put simply, thinking about one’s thinking.  More precisely, it refers to the processes used to plan, monitor, and assess one’s understanding and performance. Metacognition includes a critical awareness of a) one’s thinking and learning and b) oneself as a thinker and learner. Draft an essay about your work to date by looking at those “Upgrading Questions” I posted in the Announcements section of the Canvas classroom. You will NOT answer all of those questions. Rather, those questions are there to get you thinking about your time in the class to date. If you’d like, feel free to answer one or as many as you’d like. But you may also write your own self-reflection.

I can’t say how long the second essay will be because I do not know how much you’ve learned. Some of you have learned more than others. If all you write is 2-3 paragraphs, you are clearly telling me that you did not learn that much. Now, if you write 2-3 pages, you are demonstrating you have learned more.

Then, end this essay with your grade to date. Of course, the essay is the evidence as to the grade you have arrived at. Then I will tweak that grade based on my observations to date.