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Personal Environmental Statement 
“We are the first generation that has a clear picture of the value of nature and the enormous impact we have on it. We may also be the last that can act to reverse this trend” (WWF, 2018).
Have you ever wondered how many people care deeply about their immediate environment let alone the neighbouring city or country? It is always tough to imagine what that number will be and how many of us know we can make a difference if only we are willing to act on what nature is telling us. Perhaps, many will opine that the only way to get people to act reasonably to protect the environment is through economic incentives or disincentives. We are quick to say, what is in it for me? In order words, we are either penalized or motivated by monetary loss or gain to act. I know you can hardly wait to share your opinion on this statement, but hold on to your thought and try to address your own personal environmental concern.
What is your environmental issue of concern or interest? Well, you will recall at the start of the semester, you indicated your program area and career prospect. Now is the time, place and your opportunity to explore a topic that connects with your program area or career path (such as policing, golf or automotive management, etc.). I will be looking out for that connection as part of your research for this paper.
Everyone has some concerns about most environmental issues and this is one avenue to express that concern as your personal environmental statement and the action you will like to take. In doing this, follow the format below.
1. Do a literature review of textbooks, scientific journals, etc. to define the issue in relation to your program area or career path.
2. Articulate what it means to you personally and why (connect this to your program area or career path).
3. What is the scope of the environmental impact? (e.g. Individual, local, national, regional, global) and who is/are mostly affected by the issue? e. g. children, male, female, adults, animals, all living organisms.
4. Based on your understanding of sustainability and environmental ethics, explain your worldview of the impact the issue has on the environment.
5. Conclude with possible suggestions that would bring a local change for global action by providing a list of plan of action (at least five each for municipal, provincial and federal governments).
6. Include a reference page for materials cited. Note that not all online sources are credible, so if you need to use any, be sure of its credibility, or use textbooks as back up and cite all sources of your information.