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Conflicts happen in all aspects of someone’s life and especially at work. Today I experienced a conflict with a patient and their family members. The patient refused long term care and the family members refused to care for the patient. The family was concerned that the patient would lose their apartment if sent to a long-term care facility. The patient only had four days left available for subacute rehab days. It was a difficult situation, and the patient was terribly upset about it. According to Dr. Barbara Benoliel there are five major conflict management styles that include Collaborating, Competing Style, Avoiding Style, Accommodating Style, and Compromising Style (2021). To solve this issue, we held a family meeting with the patient, family, doctor, social worker, and patient experience representative. The style of conflict management used was the collaborating Style. All parties involved tried to work together to get a solution that benefits everyone. The decision was that the social worker would apply for twenty-four-hour home care for the patient and the family would help grocery shop and take the patient to doctor appointments. The social worker did not think the patient’s insurance would authorize twenty-four-hour homecare, so we came up with a backup plan. The backup plan was that the patient would go live with their siblings in another state. I think if I had done something differently; I would have prepared the family beforehand and tried to set the tone of the conversation. It can be challenging to deescalate a situation that is already escalated. The family, having little idea what the meeting would be like, seemed very defensive. They did not seem to fully understand how insurance worked or why certain things could not be done at the hospital.