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Completion needed for section  4 and 5. I have provided goals for section 4.
4. Specific goals of the advocacy effort. Is the part that needs completion……
1. Normalize Equal pay for equal work. Women are good percentage of being the head of household for their families; whites with lesser qualifications are often employed ahead of blacks and other minorities; Etc, Etc.
2. Increase awareness of inequality of pay amongst women and minorities to closing the wealth gap.
3.Help provide free to low cost resources to help women improve there professional skills through workshops and development. Empower women to know their value or worth in pay when accepting a job.”
The whole asssignmet:
Project 2: Advocacy Plan
The advocacy plan should include an action addressing community or institutional change. The advocacy project must be connected to your group’s identified social problem. For example, if the committee’s social problem is youth violence, then the advocacy project must be centered on an aspect of youth violence. Calling members of Congress to support a bill that promotes the reduction of youth violence an example of an advocacy project.
Advocacy efforts can include; writing an editorial to local newspapers, participating in a writing campaign, calling or visiting politicians, joining an organization and/or community in advocacy efforts (Homeless walk, NASW Advocacy Day, Amnesty International, Children’s Defense Fund), leading a forum, creating a social media campaign, etc.
Professional standards in comportment and writing must be adhered to when conducting your advocacy project. If writing is a part of the advocacy project, adhere to professional writing standards and PROOFREAD your work. You are representing yourself, the university and the social work profession! Advocacy activities should be approved by me prior to implementation.
Attach documentation of your advocacy action.
The advocacy plan should address the following information:
1. Innovative Idea
• Provide a brief overview of the advocacy plan.
• Describe the explicit societal values toward the issue you have
selected and identify whether they consistent with the stated
values of the social work profession
2. Muster Support
• Identify at least 2 potential proponents for the advocacy effort. • Discuss why these people/organizations would be
selected (Competency 8)
• Identify what the roles of the supporters would be
• Identify how overall support and participation for the advocacy effort will be generated.
• Discuss the type of relationship- building and inter- professional collaboration that will be developed to garner support (Competency 6)
• Identify at least one social media platform that can be used as tool to spread the word about the advocacy effort.
• Explain how you will use this social media platform
3. Identify Assets
• Identify each group members’ overall role in the advocacy
Social Work Practice III-SOWK 433 Project Assignments Guidelines
• Identify the skills, knowledge, funding and/or social capital
each group member possesses to help with the advocacy
• Assess the community in which the advocacy efforts will take
place and identify the assets, resources and strengths that are available to promote the advocacy effort (Competency 7)
4. Specify Goals
• Identify at least three key goals of the advocacy effort.
• Discuss why these goals were selected
5. Implement Plan (Competency 8)
• Identify the specific actions steps needed to meet the goals of the
advocacy effort.
• Create a timeline of action.
6. Neutralize Opposition
• Identify any potential opponents (people or organizations) of the
advocacy effort (Competency 8)
• Discuss how this opposition may hinder the advocacy efforts
• Provide strategies to counteract the opposition.
7. Evaluate Progress (Competency 9)
• Describe how the advocacy effort will be monitored once
• Discuss potential ongoing advocacy once the strategy is complete