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The teaching strategy chosen and the technology chosen for this week’s lesson are simulation and the use of the Padlet technology. The learner population chosen is nursing staff for staff development. Simulation was chosen because of the particular content that is being taught. Simulation is a perfect technique to amplify real-life experience while allowing guidance from the educator (Gaba, 2004). The common goal is to teach and bring awareness to subgaleal bleeds in neonates as a result of forceps or vacuum-assisted deliveries (VAVD). Simulation is a perfect fit as it allows for hands-on education without the risk-taking of an actual situation (Bastable, 2019). As the educator, we can set up real-life scenarios and use practice props to reinforce the learning. The use of the padlet would also prove useful in that it is a digital canvas that will promote real-life scenarios as well. The padlet gives the ability for the learner to build problem-solving skills as well as obtain immediate feedback from the instructor (Beitz, 2019). I have taught this information with video simulation to show the rapid growth increase of scalp size due to a rapid subgaleal bleed. It has been very helpful for the staff to see the severity of this condition and recognize management for this problem. The building of a multi-approach curriculum will help reach a variety of learners from all age groups and disabilities. The technology that is available today is becoming more user-friendly every day. I also find allowing the learner to have some control over how the information is provided helps that individual want to participate more in the process as they become vested in their own learning. The information that we have gathered over the past few courses have given us all guidance on what can be more helpful in building our curriculum/ lesson plans. It is also very helpful to assess the learner population to see what is the best technological fit because that can change for each learner group. Thus meaning what we may have used before may not work and we must be able to be flexible with a variety of choices to improve our overall delivery of the lesson/ information. As we all know the number one rule in nursing is flexibility and this also applies to education.